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Freedom Two Point O - Distributed Democracy - Dialogue for a Connected Word

Freedom 2.0 Opening Reception at the Washington Club

Senator Patrick J. Leahy, recipient of EPIC's first Champion of Freedom Award

Senator Patrick J. Leahy with Marc and Anna Rotenberg

Senator Patrick J. Leahy with Marc Rotenberg


Freedom 2.0 Friday Panels

Panel on Voting Integrity

Peter Neumann

David Chaum

Lillie Coney

Paul Schwartz

Panel on the Public Voice and the Future of the Internet

Deborah Hurley

Ambassador David Gross and Ralf Bendrath

Elizabeth Longworth and Katizta Rodriguez

Elizabeth Longworth

Ambassador Gross and Elizabeth Longworth

Giovanni Buttarelli 


Freedom 2.0 Saturday

Vint Cerf with Declan McCullagh

Marc Rotenberg and Vint Cerf

Vint Cerf, Declan McCullagh and Marc Rotenberg

Dave and Gigi Farber

Marc Rotenberg, Vint Cerf and Declan McCullagh