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Freedom Two Point O - Distributed Democracy - Dialogue for a Connected Word
Press Coverage of Freedom 2.0
EPIC's Freedom 2.0 Examines 'Distributed Democracy'
DHS privacy director: We're paying attention

Background Information on Freedom 2.0 Issues

Surveillance Post 9-11
Oscar Gandy "Data mining and surveillance in the post-9.11 environment" in The Intensification of Surveillance, K. Ball and F. Webster, eds. Pluto Press (in press)
Anita L. Allen UNEASY ACCESS: PRIVACY FOR WOMEN IN A FREE SOCIETY (Rowman and Littlefield l988)
Amitai Etzioni It's Not Just a Driver's License Anymore, Washington Post, May 16, 2004, Page B03
Judith Krug Dynix Institute web seminar "The 'Interesting Times' of Intellectual Freedom": Judith Krug discusses the PATRIOT Act and Children's Internet Protection Act
Bruce Schneier Bruce Schneier's Web Site
Privacy and Human Rights Publication Site
FISA Information EPIC Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Page
Information on Wiretapping EPIC Wiretap Page
Information on Section 213 of the Patriot Act Counterspin Interviews Judith Krug
Transparency at the Intersection: Open Code, Open Law
James Boyle James Boyle's Web Site
Jerry Kang Jerry Kang's Web Site
Pamela Samuelson Papers by Pamela Samuelson

Voting Integrity
Peter G. Neumann Neumann on Computer Related Elections: The computer systems (in hardware and system software) must be tamperproof. Ideally, system changes must be prohibited throughout the active stages of the election process. Current DRE voting technology does not meet these critical tests.
David Chaum Privacy Through Cryptography
Paul M. Schwartz Paul Schwartz's Web Site
Barbara Simon SERVE Security Report, published by Barbara Simon and three others: an analysis of the DOD's Internet voting project
National Committee for Voting Integrity votingintegrity.org
US Legislation Help America Vote Act of 2002

The Public Voice and the Future of the Internet
Official Declaration Building the Information Society: A Global Challenge in the New Millennium
Civil Society Declaration Shaping Information Societies for Human Needs
Official WSIS Plan of Action Plan of Action
Deborah Hurley Pole Star: Human Rights in the Information Society (pdf)
UN ICT Task Force Background Documents on Internet Governance
Ambassador David Gross ICT, WSIS and the Future of Freedom
WSIS Human Rights Caucus Civil Society Human Rights Caucus Web Site
The Public Interest Registry pir.org
Ralf Bendrath and Rik Panganiban WSIS: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Non-Commercial Internet Users Constituency of ICANN Statement on the WSIS
European Digital Rights Initiative EDRi-Gram Newsletter Archive

Anonymity and Identity
Ian Kerr "On the Identity Trail"
Mary Minow Mary Minow's Web Site
Gary Marx Identity and Anonymity
OECD Report on Biometric-based technologies (PDF) by the OECD Working Party on information security and privacy

Government Oversight
Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) About TRAC

Privacy Activism
Ann Bartow Women as Targets: The Gender-Based Implications of Online Consumer Profiling
Robert Ellis Smith Privacy: How to Protect What's Left of It
Daniel Solove Identity Theft, Privacy, and the Architecture of Vulnerability

Trustworthy Computing
Peter G. Neumann Computer-Related Risks
Professor Ross Anderson Trusted Computing FAQ
Seth Schoen Summary of Microsoft Palladium
Richard Stallman The Right to Read, from The Road to Tycho, February 1997
Marjorie Heins The Progress of Science and Useful Arts: Why Copyright Today Threatens Intellectual Freedom, Free Expression Policy Project, December 2002
EPIC Trusted Computing Web Page
John Gilmore What's Wrong With Copy Protection
EPIC DRM and Privacy Page
EFF Trusted Computing: Promise and Risk

Open Government
David Banisar Global Survey: Freedom of Information and Access to Government Records Around the World
EPIC Open Government Page
Privacy International privacyinternational.org
FOIA 2003 Publication Site

Defining "The War on Terror"
International Spy Museum Exhibit "The Enemy Within: Terror in America -- 1776 to Today"
The Washington Post Spy Museum Takes a Crack at Terrorism, by Ken Ringle, May 8, 2004, Page C01